CCD Camera Interface For VW RNS510 RCD510 RNS315
  • Model: T-1011

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Camera Interface for RNS510/RCD510/RNS315

What can this product do?
This camera sets will allow you add a backup camera to RNS510/RCD510/RNS315. You will get reverse image automatically on the screen when you shift the gear. The same function as VW OEM camera but better image.

What's included in this product?
1. One Interface box
2. Video and power cables

What is the interface used for? Can I only buy the back up camera?
1. All the aftermarket back up cameras on the market can only output CVBS/AV video signal. These aftermarket back up cameras can only work with the aftermarket head units with CVBS/AV port.
2. The RNS510/RCD510/RNS315 on your vehicle can only accept RGBS video signal, so it can not work with any aftermarket back up cameras with CVBS/AV video signal.
3. The product T-1011 can convert video singal CVBS/AV to RGBS. So use this interface will allow you to connect an aftermarket back up camera to VW OEM RNS510/RCD510/RNS315 head unit. The price is a lot lower than an OEM VW camera. And the image is better than OEM VW camera.

How do I know if this product for for my radio?
Please check the back of RNS510/RCD510/RNS315 radio on your vehicle and make sure it comes with the RVC video plug like this photo:

rvc plug for vw

If your radio comes with the yellow RVC plug, then you can install this product.

NOTE, not compatible with black RVC plug.

Do I need to active the rear assist function on my radio?
Yes, the rear assist function should be actived. You can use tool 5053 to active the rear assist function.


How to judge if the rear assist function is actived or not?
A. In radio function screen, shift the gear to "R":  
   If the screen change to blue/black, the rear assist function is actived.
   If nothing change, the rear assist function is not actived.
B. On OPS image, shift the gear to "R":
   If the RVC button change to white, the rear assist function is actived.
   If the RVC button does not change to white, the rear assist function is not actived.

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