How to Upgrade Android 2.3 to 4.0 Firmware (bootloader card)

Upgrade the firmware at your own risk!!!


The following steps will allow you to upgrade the current old S150 Android 2.3 OS to the latest Android 4.0 OS via bootloader card.

Very important before upgrade: Please note down the system info of current system and you can reinstall the current OS in case the fail upgrade. Again, upgrade the system at your own risk!!!

Let's begin:

A. What you need:

A-1. a micro SD Card, recommend 2GB. DO NOT recommend 4GB or 8GB.
A-2. a windows 7 based PC (no WindowsXP)
A-3. the  SD-Flasher program
A-4. the u-boot_udsd.bin bootloader file
A-5. a 4.0 firmware for your head unit, you can get the firmware from the product page of your head unit.

B. First prepare your SD card fusing the bootloader with SD-Flasher:

B-1. Insert the SD Card in your PC and be sure you  don't have any other SD or Usb disk connected
B-2. Run SD-Flasher (Right click on the application and chose “Run as Administrator”)
B-3. select "mini210/tiny210"
B-4. in the first row browse for the "u-boot_udsd.bin"
B-5. click "Scan" and select your sd card
B-6. hit "ReLayout" (will format your SD)
B-7. hit "Scan" again and select your SD card again
B-8. hit "Fuse!"

If everything goes right (0 Failed, 1 Succeed) you will have two partitions on the SD card:
1. A first one containing the fused bootloader and it cannot be seen by windows
2. A second FAT32 partition already formatted

C. Copy the "winca" folder and paste it to the root of the SD card.

D. Now insert the SD card in the GPS slot and reboot the head unit.

E. After a few seconds you will see the green android and the flashing procedure running.
    You DON'T have to touch anything until it will ask you to remove the SD card. At a certain point the screen will become black and you will ear some bips for about 30 seconds, that is normal. The process is switching off the MCU before flashing it.

F. If everything goes well, after you remove the SD card the unit will rebooot and it will ask you to calibrate the touch screen.


That's it! Enjoy your new android CarDVD!! :)


PS: 1. If you find something not working right, like steering wheel controls or canbus, try first pushing the reset button and reconfigure them.


2. You need to reinstall  the navigation app after firmware upgrade since all the apps installed will be totally clear.