Audi A4/S4/RS4(B8) 2008-2016 Autoradio GPS Navigation Head Unit
Audi A4/S4/RS4(B8) 2008-2016 Autoradio GPS Navigation Head Unit

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Date Added: 11/08/2017 by Rommel Cinco
After a lot of frustration and wasted money, I finally had an aftermarket navigation system/rearview camera/CarPlay, and much, much more. I have a 2012 A4 (B8), and I looked and I looked but couldn't find a third party system that would give me at least a rearview camera and - ideally - a navigation system. As most of you know, the big issue with this is the car's MMI system, which essentially controls much of the cars interior operations.

I eventually found The system is - so far - awesome! I've had it over a week, and - while there isn't seamless integration, it provides more than I'd expected I can get. I'm not going to bother listing the highlights, but I recommend that you go to the site to check it out.

I'm not going to lie to you. There were some significant and expensive hurdles along the way before I got the system just right. Most of these issues came in the form of installation. I went to one car stereo installation store, and they said that they could probably install the unit, but they couldn't promise how well it would work. The store is Audio Toyz in Mission Viejo, CA. I should've hired them right there because of their honesty. Instead, I went to another retailer, West Coast Auto Sound (also in Mission Viejo) because they said they could do it in two hours for $200. I dropped the car off the next day. It took them almost seven hours to "complete" the job. When I took the delivery of the car, they handed me my keys, told me that the job was done, but they couldn't tell me how to use all of the functions. That was fine with me because I could always read the manual.

It didn't work. The rearview camera did its job about 20% of the time while CarPlay didn't work at all. Also, the third party nav system wouldn't play music while the navigation system was in use. So, I had to choose to get directions or listen to music. I went to the shop the next day to talk to them about this. I walked the guy who installed it through the problems I experienced. All he said was, "It's plug-and-play. It's plug and play." Literally, other than "hello" and "goodbye," he didn't say anything else.

So, I took my car to Auto Toyz. They took over 3 three hours to undo and fix what West Coast Auto Sound did, and they only charged me for two hours. The system worked beautifully! The guys there rock! They were knowledgable, professional, nice, and effective. Super-effective.

I love the system! Sure, there are some less than ideal things like having to plug-in my iPhone inside the glove compartment every time I get into the car. I end-up forgetting it's in there, and I have to go outside to my car multiple times to retrieve it. Also, I have to swipe the screen twice and press an icon on the third page to get the CarPlay screen up, but this is nit-picking.

At the end of the day, I love the system! From what I've seen on the market, there really isn't any other product that competes with this. Fortunately, the one that is available is a really great solution.
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