Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class (R171) 2004-2010 radio upgrade
Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class (R171) 2004-2010 radio upgrade

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Date Added: 09/11/2018 by Dan
I was hesitant to purchase a non-branded unit from an overseas on-line retailer for my R171 SLK, but reviews on various forums were positive. I chose because Allen was extremely responsive in answering my questions about his product. The purchase process was seamless and DHL delivered my new radio in three days. The box contained exactly what carnaviplayer described on its website, well-boxed and well-protected.

The real test came after the sale. While the radio is truly plug-and-play, I still had questions through the installation. For example, it comes with two main harnesses, and you have to choose which one fits. Similarly I wasn't sure how to get Android Auto to work. I emailed Allen probably a half-dozen times with questions and he always responded quickly and helpfully, sometimes within minutes but generally within hours. He never made me feel stupid and his answers were spot-on. The installation was simple. I took a couple hours overall to do it but I was extremely careful, if I had to do it again I could do it in 30 minutes.

The biggest reason I can recommend carnaviplayer is the service I received. I have purchased items from on-line vendors before and required customer service. For example I purchased an item from West Elm furniture store on line and I never had the same customer service person twice - and it took four months to resolve a simple billing issue. In contrast, Allen is responsiveness was top-notch. I recommend his company to anyone seeking to install an IOS- or Android-compatible nav system in their Mercedes.

As to the Navi unit itself, it does exactly what the website describes. The resolution is excellent and the performance works great. Once I figured out how to access Android Auto (always use the white dongle) it is easy and very functional. The only downside to Android Auto is the sharpness of the resolution is not as good as the software on the unit itself - but still really good, and that's an Android issue not a Navi unit issue. Overall I'm extremely happy with the Navi system and more importantly extremely happy with carnaviplayer.
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