Universal Camera

USA plate frame back up camera
  • Model: CA-380

Price:   $99.00

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This camera can fit for any vehicles with USA plate frame.

Highly recommend you buy the Wireless Device For Backup Camera together with this camera, it will make you install the camera easily, no need to put an 5 meters video cable through your vehicle.

  Support infrared night vision system

  Display Guard Line on the reverse image

  Automatically display reverse image when you put the gear in the reverse

  license plate frame style, no need to drill hole

  Designed is reference to the original car style, installation is simple and beautiful, totally plug and play

  The original Sony CCD chip, clear and stable image

  With wide-angle glasses lens, wide viewing angle without dead corner

  Using a unique production process, waterproof tight durability

  Multiple circuit protection design, stable and reliable quality

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  • posted by Mary Shawhan

    I purchased this along with the wireless transmitter and in-dash nav/stereo unit. There is no documentation that comes with it at all. What clues I managed to piece together came from the rather misleading wiring diagrams for both units. So I will try to make it easier for all future buyers of this and the wireless transmitter. First, mount the license plate holder over your existing license plate. I was able to run the wire for it over the bumper so that it dangled down under my truck bed. Then attach the transmitter portion of the wireless transmitter (the one with two plugins. This will leave you with two bare wires that you must splice into reverse light. The easiest way to do this is to take the covering off of one of your back lights, locate the reverse bulb, and then splice into the two wires with the two wires from your kit. Google will tell you which one of the wires on your reverse light is power and which is ground. On the kit, the red is power, and the black is ground. After you are done splicing those together, head to the cab. Here you will plug in the backup camera/video port cable which came with your nav/stereo unit. Plug the receiver camera plug (yellow) into the yellow plug on the port cable. Here is the tricky part: In the license plate kit there is a black wire with a connector on one end and bare wires on the other. It says it is supposed to connect to the camera. Use this to connect to the power connector on the backup camera/video port cable and then splice the wires into the wires on the receiver. And that's it! To test this, turn on your car and put it into reverse. If everything is working correctly, you should see a camera view directly behind your vehicle. DON'T FORGET TO TAKE OFF THE LENS CAP! I spent 10 minutes looking for a wiring issue when my camera came up with a blank screen. As it turns out, I had simply forgotten to take the lens cap off of my camera after I had installed it (they really should put this as something to check for in the FAQ). After installation, everything worked beautifully. The camera turns on automatically when put in reverse and changes back (after a brief and annoying lag) once it is put in drive. I am only giving this item four stars because of the complete lack of documentation. I would, however, recommend this product.