Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do these radios come with Satellite Radio built-in?
They do not come with an internal satellite radio tuner. This means that in order to listen to satellite radio, you need to either use an external satellite tuner and plug into the AUX cables in the rear of the radio, or use the bluetooth streaming feature from a smartphone using the free Sirius/XM app.


2. When I insert a CD or DVD, the disc will not go all the way in.
You must remove the packing screws from the top of the radio. These are used to keep the CD floating mechanism fixed during shipping. There should be a sticker with arrows on top of the radio that instruct the installer to remove the screws before installation.

3. I am not getting good GPS signal. Where should I mount my GPS antenna?
We recommend customers install the GPS antenna on the dash of the car so the GPS antenna can get good GPS signal.

4. The radio is having trouble tuning in AM stations, and the radio moves off of the FM stations.
Your radio area may be set to European frequencies default, not American frequencies. Use this guide to change the setting. --> Changing Radio area.


5. How do I change the navigation setting to display US speeds in MPH and not KPH?
In the iGO Primo menu, click on the large MORE button, and then select SETTINGS and then REGION. These settings allow you to adjust the application to your local language, measurement units, time and date and their formats, as well as choose the voice guidance profile you prefer. There is a nice video that shows all the navigation settings at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyuCYHWesps


6. The Time Zone on the radio does not show American cities. Which city do I select for my time zone?
The cities are international, as these radios are sold worldwide. These are the American cities to chose from:
- HST - Hawaii (10) Hawaii UTC-10
- AKST - Alaska (9) Alaska UTC-9
- PST - Pacific (-8) Tijuana UTC-8
- MST - Mountain (-7) Mountain Country UTC-7
- CST - Central (-6) Saskatchewan/Galapagos Province UTC-6
- EST - Eastern (-5) Bogota/Ecuador/Colombia UTC-5
If you have Daylight Savings Time, then adjust the time accordingly.


7. DVD image displays properly, but no sound is coming out of the speakers.
Check the following:
- Is the speaker is damaged?
- Is there is a wiring issue or short?
- Is the unit muted?
- If you are using an external amplifier, is the amplifier is powered up (light on)?


8. When I put my vehicle in reverse, the screen goes blank.
The radios are equipped with a video input for an aftermarket back-up camera, and the radios automatically switch to that camera input when the vehicle is shifted into the reverse gear. Under settings, you can turn off this "reverse detection" feature.


9. The clock changes between the navigation screen and the other sources.
The radio has a separate clock setting for the navigation and the other basic radio functions. You need to set both clocks.


10 .Can I have DVDs playing while driving?
It is not recommended to play DVD movies while driving the vehicle because of safety concerns. But this safety feature can be disabled from within the settings menu.


11. Navigation does not work with no satellite signal and the unit is unable to locate satellites.
Check the GPS receiver antenna wire to be sure it is intact.  Make sure that your view of the sky is not obstructed (i.e. parking garage)


12. The DVD will not start while the car is running.
Check to be sure that the radio has power and make sure all wiring is tightly secured.


13. DVD can’t read the disk, and loading is very slow.
Check to be sure that the disc is the correct format (not BluRay) and that the disc is clean and undamaged with scratches or blemishes.


14. The navigation does not display the map.
Check the GPS map card and verify that it is fully inserted into the slot.  To reset, turn off the vehicle, pull out the SD map card, then insert it to the unit and test.


15. Touch control offset (wrong button is selected when touching screen)
Please re-calibrate the unit through the settings menu.


16. Left and right speaker volume is not the same.
Enter the Audio setting to check the four-door speaker audio settings are set properly.


17. Installed the camera, but then I back up, the camera image is not displayed on the screen.
Check the feature setting.  The reversing function should be set to "ON." And please also make sure you connect the "reverse" detection wire.


18. The hard keys on the radio panel work, but touching the screen does not.
Press the reset button, the system will perform a reset, and then check to see if the touchscreen is now working.



19. A windows screen keeps poping up" error incountered a serros error must shut down", how to fix this?
It is because the system software went incorrectly. Reinstall/upgrade the firmware will fix this problem. Please see how to install the S100 firmware here:How to Update S100 Firmware