Volkswagen Touareg 2011-2017 backup Camera System
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Warning!!! For some reasons(we do not know),the guide lines does not move when turn the steering wheel on some Touaregs, it only displays the reverse image with fixed guide lines, please acknowledge this before place the order.

Some Touaregs with RNS850 navigation system does not come with OEM backup camera when you buy the car, but you can add this aftermarket tailgate handle reverse view camera. Then you will get the reverse view image on the screen just like an OEM parking radar system. You will cost only a little money instead of US$1000 for an OEM backup camera.

Volkswagen Touareg 2011-2017 Rear View Camera is compatible with:

2011-2017 Volkswagen Touareg RNS850 without factory OEM reverse camera(Not suitable for RCD 550)

Useful resources
Please read below links how to find the PDC and reviews for this product.

Installation instructions
Installation and reviews from clubtouareg forum(LHD)
Installation and reviews from mytreg forum(RHD)
PDC position on RHD Touareg

    1. This product only work with RNS850, it does not fit for RCD550.
    2. Your vehicle must have PDC(Parking Distance Control) system.
    3. Please check below photo. The PDC box is right on top of the driver side fuse box, towards the windshield. It has three connectors, the one we need is the lowest one(CAN plug), with 16 pins. Your vehicle must have this plug then you can install our product. Otherwise please do not buy this product.

touarge PDC CAN plug

1. Hightlights of this product
* Totally plug and play, the sets will get power from CAN BUS directly. No need to power the camera via reverse light.
* The camera come with sony ccd chip, support night vision.
* The interface transfer video signal to HU via CAN-BUS, it will not affect the original functions, just like the OEM reverse view camera.
* Display accurate parking guidance lines.
* Automatically display reverse image when you shift the gear.

2. Interface Accessories

3. Sony CCD Camera Special for Touareg

4. Installation Effect

5. Wiring Diagram

touareg camera wiring diagram

6. Installation

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  • posted by Ari Comet

    Another satisfied customer! Had a local car-audio shop here in Cleveland, Ohio USA install the CarNaviPlayer backup camera retrofit kit. He charged me for 3 hours of labor even though it prob was closer to 3.5 hours of his time. Very professional place -- I know the owner personally, but if anyone is in the nearby area he has done the same/similar kit on Porsche Cayennes before and had no issues whatsoever with this kit. Overall he said there were no big issues, though as noted here the instructions weren't quite as assisting as they could be. Overall I am very pleased with the unit, as it works just as you would expect the factory unit to work. The camera quality seems REALLY good, especially when compared to my wife's Nissan backup camera. Low light is good, not great-- but I think that has more to do with the lack of brightness from the reverse lights on the car. Adequate for sure. But pulling into my well-lit driveway (I usually back my SUV into the garage) this was SO nice!! Very pleased and would definitely recommend!

  • posted by Stephen Scott

    I got the kit in just about 5 days and did the install yesterday. It took me about 4.5 hours. Like the others, the most time consuming thing is fishing some of the cabling. The most time consuming was going through the rubber 6\" cable cover above the rear lid to fish the cable from the camera. It must have taken me at least an hour to do it. The right angle connectors at each end, and the fact that the wires go through an even smaller opening inside the cable than is apparent from just looking at the rubber cover which is about 1\" in diameter. You would think the entire cover would be open for receiving wires, but its not. I had a hard time finding the correct fish wire to use. I wound up using a piece of 12 gauge electrical wire, but 10 gauge would have been better. Fishing the cable from the back to the front was pretty smooth but I did loosen the front pillar airbag cover to run the cable down the last bit to the glove box. I ran the fish cable wire first from the back to the front, then hooked the cable on it and pulled it to the back where it connects to the camera cable. I found that removing the rear lid cover just involved some pulling to get it to release, and wasn\'t as delicate a job as you might think. The connections went fine. I placed the new box behind the head unit connections which are behind the glovebox. They used to be behind the Nav screen on the first model Touareg which I owned, but not anymore, they\'re a separate piece of hardware not physically connected to the Navi screen. Thanks for everyone\'s help and insight. The camera works great!

  • posted by Pritpal Dhesi

    Okay got it installed and running today. Instruction in box are the same as online but only in Chinese so at best just a visual aid. Took about 3.5 hours to do, but most of that time was running wires from rear tailgate to front and locating canbus under steering column (Just behind fuse box and up). It\'s plug and play no coding. One line runs from tailgate to RNS850 behind glovebox. You unplug the grey LVDS cable from the back of the RNS850 and plug it into the Video and Can decoder box and then connect the cable supplied from the decoder back to LVDS port you disconnected in the back of the RNS850. Take the canbus cable supplied from the decoder box and feed it through back of dash to drivers side. Locate canbus, it behind fuse box and up there\'s 3 connectors. take out the lowest one and plug it into the cable from the decoder and then take the end of that cable and plug it back into the canbus. Back at the Decoder take the video lead you ran from the tailgate and plug it into the video line coming from the decoder and also the red wire that is attached to the lead from the camera splice with Blue wire from the decoder. Reassemble and your done! works exactly as stock. Only thing lacking are proper instructions.

  • posted by Chris Wulff

    I ordered the system and it was delivered promptly. Customs did rip it apart which was disappointing but I suppose that they feel entitled to do that. Installation was not difficult using the tips from other reviews of the camera. It is completely plug and play as advertised and works like a dream. I was skeptical but my fears were unfounded. Taping the wire from the camera to a long zip tie made it easier to feed the wire through the rubber hose at the top of the door. I also looked at the system by NavTV but it costs far more, $700 for the camera and the same for the controller. It doesn't have the grid on the screen which I personally wanted. Great system overall, highly recommended.

  • posted by Tim Miller

    Ordered the kit for my daughters 2012 Touareg. Just installed it and all went smoothly. As the others posted the most difficult step was running the wire thru the rubber boots on the tailgate. Overall the install took 3.5 hrs. Nice plug and play at a good price.

  • posted by Randy Watson

    Having installed several ebay special backup cameras, this system is above them all. Purchased my kit a month ago and finally got to the install today. Took me 5 hours start to finish including a break for lunch. First installed the new handle and camera and ran the rca line through the left wireboot to the body of the car(more room on the left). This was the hardest part of the install. Loosen the headliner and run a zip-tie from the inside of the car up thru the wireboot. Send the ratchet side of the ziptie through first. Once through, attach a ziptie around the end of the single yellow RCA connector. Wrap with electrical tape.Connect the end of the second ziptie through the ratchet of the first zip-tie. I then ran the rca cable to the front of the car through the passenger side floor. Take your time taking apart the bottom steering covers and glovebox. The factory floor lighting wires are very short. I didn't have to remove the fuse assembly as stated in the instructions on the driver side; simply remove the lower beige connector and install the new connectors in series. Compared to factory parts pricing, this kit is a steal!

  • posted by Josh Mann

    It worked great! I don't know anything about cars and was able to get it to work. I took me a while and the instructions aren't great but the electronics work great!